Advantages of Agency Over On-Line Insurance

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 Advantages of Agency Over On-Line Insurance

By: Joseph Armstrong

photoOur office located at 243 East Barbour Street next to Historic Downtown Eufaula

In today’s world, due to technology, it seems that Brick’s & Mortar no longer matter when conducting business.  Since most everything can be done by computer, why go through the hassle of driving to an office, getting out and going in.  The internet seems like a great way to conduct business because you do not have those difficulties.  That is until, you are ready to make a payment, file a claim, or simply ask a question.  You see, when you conduct business over the internet, you have to make a phone call to a toll free number and talk to a recording, which could sometimes take many minutes, sometimes an hour to get you connected to a person that can actually answer your question.  Even when you get someone on the phone, you still cannot see them face to face, nor will you ever get to meet them.  Why not do business locally, where you have an office to visit and have an actual person to talk to and not a recording.  I have listed below the top reasons why YOU should choose an agency over on-line insurance:

  1. We are able to provide you with multiple quotes, whereas online insurance will provide you with just their quote
  2. We come out to the site of your claim and do whatever is needed to make sure that everything is handled
  3. We give you our direct/cell phone number and not a toll free number
  4. We sit down and discuss your needs and design a plan specifically for you
  5. We review your coverages annually to be sure you are adequately insured
  6. We offer a one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs
  7. We treat you like a person and not a number

These are just a few reasons of why you should choose an agency over internet.  We are committed to helping and serving you and are always there when you need us.


The office front to our Abbeville office at 119-A West Williams Street



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