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Many of you have seen Log A Load bumper stickers and signs at various fund
raising events indicating they are raising money for Log A Load For Kids.
Log A Load For Kids is a nationwide giving campaign where Loggers and others
contribute to local Children’s Miracle Network affiliated hospitals. It
started in 1988 in South Carolina by a volunteer fund raiser for the Medical
University of South Carolina and the South Carolina Forestry Association.
They came up with the concept of loggers and others from the timber industry
donating the value of a load of logs to the Children’s Miracle Network
affiliated Hospitals. Since that time it has spread to 27 states and has
raised nearly 30 million dollars.

In 2007 alone the 27 states involved in Log A Load raised $2,092,461. That
year Alabama was the first-place fundraiser, raising $421,500. This total
brought Alabama’s overall donations to 5.6 million dollars. In 1995, the
Alabama Log A Load For Kids committed $750,000 to the start-up of Children’s
Hospital Intervention and Prevention Services (CHIPS) system. CHIPS is
Alabama’s first statewide Child abuse treatment center. They followed up in
1999 by committing to $250,000 annually to support CHIPS’ day to day

The Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is a non-profit organization based in
Salt Lake City, Utah. CMN’s affiliated hospitals provide medical care to
kids in need, regardless of their families’ ability to pay. Funds raised for
CMN by Log A Load come from organized giving campaigns such as auctions of
donated items, raffles, golf tournaments walk-a-thons, and pledge campaigns.
Ideas for fund raisers are planned and executed by local Log A Load

In today’s world, many question how much of the funds raised by an
organization actually go to the charity they have pledged to support. One
hundred percent of the money raised by Log A Load goes to CMN affiliated
hospitals in their state. Unlike some fund raising organizations where much
of the money raised pays for executive salaries, Log A Load support groups
cover their overhead from other sources and rely on volunteer services and

All CMN participating hospitals are non-profit 501(c)3 organizations. This
means cash donations through Log A Load are fully tax-deductible since all
funds raised are channeled directly to the participating hospital/s in the
state where they are raised. The CMN participating hospitals in Alabama are
Children’s of Alabama (Birmingham) and University of South Alabama
Children’s and Women’s Hospital (Mobile).

Any Hospital that wishes become associated with CMN should contact CMN’s
National office by Phone, mail or email at this address:

Children’s Miracle Network

205 West 700 South

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101



The next time you are approached from a Log A Load fundraiser to donate or
volunteer your time and services, rest assured it for a very worthy cause,
and 100% of your donation goes to CMN in your state. If you would like to
volunteer your services to Log A Load contact the Alabama Forestry
Association at (334) 265-8733.

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