Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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Commercial vehicle insurance made easy

In Alabama and Georgia, you must have auto insurance if you own a car. There is a good reason insurance is mandated. If you get into an accident, you and everyone involved will need financial protection from liability and damage. The same idea is true for business owners. Whether you have a single delivery van or a fleet of commercial vehicles, you need protection from liability and damage. The difference is that your commercial vehicle insurance policy can be customized to suit the operating needs of your business.

At our agency, we pride ourselves on listening to all of your concerns and creating a policy that will addresses them so you can feel comfortable that you have the commercial vehicle coverage that is right for your business. There are different types of coverage that may be included in your policy. Typically, a commercial vehicle policy can include the following coverage:

  • Property damage liability
  • Liability for bodily injury to others
  • Bodily injury coverage for injuries that occur outside of your state
  • Personal injury to you, your employee, or a passenger
  • Collision coverage for costs resulting from an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Coverage for you or your employee in a rented or borrowed car

We are committed to finding you the right coverage

At Young Johnston & Associates, we understand that you may have some questions about what type of coverage will work well for your business. Our knowledgeable agents are committed to finding you reliable coverage at competitive rates. We know how busy you are running your business, so we make the process quick and easy. That way, you can get back to doing what you do best. To learn more about your commercial vehicle insurance options, you can reach us at our Abbeville or Eufaula office by calling 877.210.1367.