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Landscaping businesses face many hazards

Beautiful and well-designed landscaping can be a work of art. It takes a crew of skilled, knowledgeable, and hard-working landscaping specialists to transform outdoor areas into inviting bucolic surroundings. Landscaping requires expertise and experience.

As the owner of a landscaping company, providing this excellent service is just one of the many things you must think about as you run your operation. The landscaping industry faces unique risks and concerns every day. It’s no easy task. Your crew regularly faces hazards including exposure to chemicals, machinery, lifting, construction, and weather-related issues.

We can tailor a landscaper policy for your business

At Young Johnston & Associates, we will plan a landscaper insurance policy for you that will protect your business from the daily risk you face. We want to stay one step ahead of you so you can rest assured. Some of the coverage we offer includes:

  • Landscapers Liability
  • Product insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Equipment breakdowns

The services you provide are different from other businesses here in Alabama and Georgia. Lawn care, landscape design, tree trimming, retaining walls, soil preparation, and irrigation systems are just a few of the specialty services that landscapers offer. Each one of these services has a different set of risks. Whatever your specialty is and whatever the size of your business, we can get you the coverage you need to protect your crew, your equipment, and your customers. We understand your exposures and know how important it is to have the right policies for your business. We want to help you navigate the business insurance process so that you can concentrate on what you do best—transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful environments for people to enjoy.

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