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Insurance for the trucking industry

Whether you run a trucking company or are an independent owner operator, you know that obtaining the right truck insurance can be a complicated, but crucial process. At Young Johnston & Associates, we want to streamline it for you. It’s our job to stay informed about changes in insurance regulations so we can relay this important information to you and guide you through complying with it.

We know that you need the proper coverage because your company faces high risks every day. Whatever type of trucking you do- long haul, intermediate, or local- we can get you covered quickly. Our commercial truck insurance packages include coverage for:

  • Liability- This is required insurance and can pay for damage you cause with your truck.
  • Non-Trucking Liability- This is voluntary insurance that offers protection when an owner operator is off duty.
  • Physical Damage- This is voluntary insurance that can protect against various perils, such as fire.
  • Cargo Insurance- This coverage can protect the cargo your trucks are carrying.

In addition, our agents can give you quick turn-around on your insurance certificates so your truckers can focus on driving. We are committed to keeping your trucks on the road so you can stay profitable. We specialize in finding you affordable rates and we offer a variety of options for businesses throughout Alabama and Georgia.

Competitive rates from national carriers

As an independent insurance agency, we can negotiate with numerous companies in order to provide you with competitive rates from leading insurers. Whether you have one semi truck or a fleet, we will provide you with the same reliable service and competitive rates. At Young Johnston & Associates, we know what you have at risk, and that you do not have the time to look into all the options yourself. Our well-trained staff wants to help you pilot this process. Call 877.210.1367 to reach one our agents in Abbeville or Eufaula and learn about how our trucking insurance program can help you!