Workers Compensation Insurance

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Business owners know they need to expect the unexpected

As a business owner, even if you do everything you can to protect your employees from dangers on the job, accidents can happen. Workers compensation insurance is there to protect both employees and employers. At Young Johnston & Associates, we have the experience to guide you through the process of obtaining this insurance. We are dedicated to helping you understand what you need to know about it. We can:

  • Walk you through the requirements in Alabama and Georgia.
  • Find you rates that can fit your budget.
  • Provide you with workplace safety resources.
  • Answer your question about what you need to comply with the law.

We want you to understand that there is an enormous value to this coverage because it protects both the employer and the employee. The benefit to the employee is clear. It can help give them financial protection if they experience an injury or disease as a result of their work. Specifically, it can cover medical expenses, lost wages, disability, and even re-employment assistance if they need it. The primary benefit to the employer is not always as obvious, but just as valuable. It can protect them from lawsuits related to an employee’s work related injury or illness, which could eliminate the uncertainty and expense businesses incur when dealing with legal issues.

We can guide you through the process

At Young Johnston & Associates, we know that even though many business owners understand that workers compensation coverage is extremely important to have, they may need a specialist to guide them through the process. Our trustworthy agents have plenty of expertise and pay careful attention to the details. Just ask us and we will provide you with a workers compensation insurance quote. You may be surprised at how much your business can save by choosing us as your insurance agency. Contact us today at 877.210.1367 to learn more.