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Gearing Up For Labor Day

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Gearing Up For Labor Day By: Joseph Armstrong   Are you and your family getting ready to take a much needed vacation for the Labor Day weekend?  Maybe you are headed to your favorite beach or possibly, to visit family.  In 2014, it was projected that over 34 million people traveled 50+ miles for Labor … More

Traveling with Pets

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TRAVELING WITH PETS Joe McKnight Young Johnston & Associates, Inc.   With summer in full swing vacation time is here.  Pet owners face some unique problems and situations that require some additional planning.   First issue to be addressed before your departure is to visit your Veterinarian and get a Rabies Certificate of Vaccination.  This … More

National Hot Dog Month

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National Hot Dog Month by: Joseph Armstrong   Did you know that July was National Hot Dog month?!  It is estimated that between Memorial Day and Labor Day, over 7 billion hot dogs will be consumed by Americans.  On July 4th alone, it is estimated that 155 million will be eaten.  Do you know how … More

Find the Right Contractor

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FINDING THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR Joe T. McKnight Young Johnston & Associates, Inc.   When starting a building project, whether it be remodeling or building a new home or commercial property, there are three very important things to check before choosing a contractor.  First, make sure they are licensed to perform the work you have scheduled.  … More

What’s Going On Your Grill

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What’s Going On Your Grill By Mary Foy Kirkland   It’s Summertime and the grills are out! Even though we all have our favorites like burgers and hot dogs, sometimes trying something new can be a real crowd pleaser.  Here are a few grill delights that are sure to be popular for your next grill … More

Hired/Non-Owned Automobile Liability

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HIRED/NON-OWNED AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY BY: JOSEPH ARMSTRONG   Have you ever seen Hired/Non-Owned Automobile Liability on your insurance policy and wondered ‘exactly’ what it meant?  Have you ever thought, “I have never used this coverage, why do I need it on my policy?”  The fact is, if you own a business and you carry a Commercial … More

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Dealing with Skin Cancer

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Dealing with Skin Cancer By Joe McKnight Young Johnston & Associates, Inc.   As we get into summer, most of us will be planning trips to the beach, the lake or just spending more time around the pool.  Special attention should be given to the effect increased exposure to the sun can have on our … More

Pool Safety Tips

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Pool Safety Tips By Mary Foy Kirkland – Young Johnston & Associates   The heat is on!  Summertime in the South with the temperature in the 90s makes for hot, hot days.  What better way to cool off than a dip in the pool?  Swimming pools are a natural part of many of our homes … More


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ALABAMA WORKERS’ COMPENSATION By Joe McKnight Young Johnston & Associates, Inc.   Alabama State Law generally requires employers of five or more employees to carry Workers Compensation insurance.  This law does not apply to owner/operator or leased operators of common carriers engaged in interstate commerce, domestic servants, casual employees, farm laborers, U.S. and State government. … More


Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

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Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage By:  Joseph Armstrong  –  Young Johnston & Associates   In today’s world, ‘computer hacking’ is becoming a common issue among businesses, as well as, individuals.  As an insurance agency, we have seen an increase in the purchase of Cyber Liability in the past few years.  Insureds are seeking this coverage for … More

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